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Anthony The Saiyan

  • Evil Anthony
  • Super Saiyan Anthony
  • Anthony The Saiyan
  • Anthony showing off his sexiness
  • Anthony,ready for battle
  • Anthony is happy.
  • Anthony,A noble and fearless warrior
  • Anthony Using His attack ultimate breaker
  • If only he was official

Anthony The Saiyan is the third son of Goku and Chi-Chi who was born short after the cell games. As a child Anthony was seperated from his family and got lost in the woods for a few years. One day,Anthony came across a sorcerer by the name of Krizenta and turned him into a hedgehog.It was a curse. Anthony would remain a hedgehog until he found his family once more. Anthony was a hedgehog for many years of his life and was neglected by society for it. As his journey through life continued he came across Scorpion of the netherealm. Scorpion decided to train Anthony as his own until he was ready to return to earth. After years of training in the netherealm Anthony made it back to earth. A few months after his arival he saw his father and was restored back to his Saiyan self. From this day forth Anthony lives a happy life with his Father Goku, His Mother Chi-Chi, and his brothers Gohan and Goten.

Personality,Abilities,And Transformations Edit

Anthony is a kind and loving person much like his father,Goku. He loves to fight and face off against powerful oppenents. He is a loving brother to Gohan and Goten and would do anything to protect the earth, even it means killing himself. Anthony has two best friends named Kastro and Zero. Anthony also admires himself and compliments himself.     Anthony's move set is similar to his father's such as the kamehameha and meteor smash. He also knows various moves such as the spirit bomb,chaos blast,big bang kamehameha and final kamehameha. He has also mastered the dragon fist and angry kamehameha.     Anthony Is able to transform from super saiyan 1-4. He also has a hidden form that can only be unlocked by pure rage,this form is the chaos demon form. His skin and hair turn ice blue and his eyes have no pupils and are navy blue. When an eclipse occurs Anthony turns pure evil. His hair turns blood red and his clothes fade close to black. Anthony has  3 fusion forms. When Anthony and Gohan do the fusion dance they become Ganthon when they use the potara earings they become Anthan. His third fusion form is when he does a triple fusion with Kastro and Zero,this results in Kamanthero. LIKE ANTHONY ON FACEBOOK: